The Tax & Accounting business of Thomson Reuters today announced the launch of ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager 5.0, a core component of the global tax workstation that provides multinational corporations (MNCs) with a transparent view of all tax and accounting processes – and the control they need to institutionalize their best practices. This enhancement to the existing WorkFlow Manager solution provides users with greater customization, visibility and control. It also addresses corporate tax automation challenges facing today’s MNCs, such as data management, resource management and regulatory compliance. New or enhanced features include intelligent task automation, enhanced data and entity management, sophisticated reporting and viewing, and best practice content.

The intelligent tax automation in ONESOURCE WorkFlow Manager 5.0 is created by rules-based workflows that automatically prompt users to complete the necessary tasks associated with the tax department function. This allows tasks to be prioritized and provides urgency and escalation features to indicate approaching deadlines – ensuring that required work is completed on time.   Source:  Thomson Reuters Press Release