We wrote on July 11, 2012 that Thomson Reuters has introduced the first commercial credit risk model to measure corporate financial health by quantitatively analyzing text.  The StarMine Text Mining Credit Risk Model (TMCR) assesses the credit risk of publicly traded companies by analyzing the text in various documents.

David Worlock, BIIA’s Chairman,  adds further insights in his recent blog ‘Thomson Reuters on the Font Foot’ how Thomson Reuters brings together a range of services for corporate risk assessment and finance, tax and regulatory, from banking and equity trading, law and tax/accountancy in practitioner terms right across to the desktop of the corporate finance, tax and legal department.

If the Thomson Reuters vision works out, it will connect up all of these functions and activities into a series of solutions which will compel big and then medium and small corporates into easier methods of information handling, and methods that get easier the more reliant they become on inter-related services and solutions from Thomson Reuters. This is about integration in the face of user needs, about recognizing the primacy of the network, and about  bringing one huge company with many specializations into focus on the issues of service and solution.

Source:  David Worlock Blog