thomsonreuters 300Crowdfunding data tracked using Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier to be available in Thomson Reuters Eikon

Thomson Reuters today announces a partnership with Crowdnetic that will increase financial professionals’ access to information about the global crowdfunding market. The goal is to improve transparency and create new opportunities for innovation in an industry that has matured in recent years, requiring a more substantial information infrastructure of the kind Thomson Reuters is perfectly suited to provide.

Crowdnetic provides technology, real-time data and research to the global marketplace-lending and crowdfunded-startup industries. It has adopted Thomson Reuters Permanent Identifier (PermID) as its primary symbology system for the recording and tracking of crowdfunding transactions. The move brings investors more insight into the dynamics of this fast-growing investment area.

Thomson Reuters PermID is a machine-readable identifier developed to create a unique reference for any data item. Unlike stock tickers and other such symbols, the PermID never changes. This makes it invaluable for managing data in rapidly growing sectors such as crowdfunding, where early-stage entities and unlisted securities are often poorly described, making them difficult to track over the long haul.  PermID was developed by Thomson Reuters to manage its own internal datasets and is now being made available more widely to help solve the big data challenges faced by multiple industries.

As part of the collaboration with Thomson Reuters, Crowdnetic’s company and investment data will be made available on Thomson Reuters Eikon, the company’s flagship desktop for financial markets professionals. The partnership will offer Eikon users greater access to data about crowdfunded companies along with powerful analytics tools. Users will better understand this increasingly important market and improve their ability to make informed investment and advisory decisions.

About Crowdnetic: Founded in 2011, with offices in New York City and London, Crowdnetic Corporation (“Crowdnetic”) is a global leading provider of technology, data and infrastructure to the rapidly growing alternative finance industry.  Led by financial technology industry veterans Luan Cox and Sri Goteti, Crowdnetic has built the powerful technology necessary to support the industry’s significant growth.

In addition to its suite of marketplace lending products, Crowdnetic offers an array of information products oriented to global crowd-funded securities markets including:  CWMarket Data: Provides powerful data analysis tools to track and analyze as well as frequent interpretive research reports authored by members the Crowdnetic team.  CrowdWatch: Captures and displays data for online public capital raises in the UK and in the U.S. It includes powerful data analytics and screening tools and a customizable dashboard to assist investors in understanding and interpreting underlying data.