In response to significant market changes Thomson Reuters is said to launch a series of products which bring together products from the former Reuters and Thomson Financial platforms into two simplified platforms.  One aimed at large banks and the second aimed at individual users. 

On May 11 Thomson Reuters will make Insider, an online video product it has been testing since last year, available to all its customers.  In addition to the company’s own media staff, Insider will allow outsiders such as brokerages to offer videos of their analysts.  A desktop platform, Eikon, will launch in the autumn and offer a wider range of data, greater personalization, and improved risk management, collaboration and emerging markets features.   

“The industry is in a hugely different place from where it was in April 2008, and we think a lot of the changes are permanent and structural,” Mr. Wenig said. “Big banks are disappearing but we’ve created 1,000 new accounts in six months.   Source: Financial Times

BIIA Newsletter April II – 2010 Issue