Tinubu Square puts its know-how at the service of insurance start-ups

Tinubu Square, the leading expert in trade credit risk management solutions for trade credit insurers and businesses, has announced the launch of a new version of its Credit Insurance Suite, aimed specifically at the needs of emerging credit insurance and reinsurance businesses. 

The Tinubu Credit Insurance Suite Core Edition is a comprehensive and scalable SaaS solution that will enable emerging companies in the industry to assess the credit risks presented by clients and help define their credit policy management.

“We have provided the Credit Insurance Suite to credit insurers for over 17 years, and it has become a trusted tool and integrated solution for many organisations,” said Jérôme Pezé, CEO of Tinubu Square. “The new Core Edition has been adapted to the requirements of entrants to the market and will give them the support they need to accelerate their development.”

Development accelerator

The Tinubu CIS Core Edition is being launched in response to diversification in the credit insurance market that has seen many new entrants and specialist providers developing niche products to suit a variety of insurance needs, particularly in support of specific geographical areas or risk types.

Starting a business in this ecosystem requires large investments and robust tools, and the new Tinubu solution integrates all the necessary features to launch and / or immediately develop a credit insurance business. This includes assistance with adopting industry best practices while controlling their investments and supporting them to be operational in the shortest possible time.

CIS Core Edition features advanced technology and has been designed by industry experts to enforce rigorous underwriting mechanisms and principles, provide audit trails at all levels, and comply with IT security and compliance requirements, as well as deliver stringent protection of customer data.

It manages the entire life cycle of an insurer’s products:

  • Policyholder and broker portals to submit a business proposal, accept offers and work on behalf of policyholders
  • Commercial underwriting : to manage policy creation and life cycle administration
  • Administration of marketed products, users and access to the platform
  • Claims
  • Risk Underwriting
  • Reporting and interface

Flexible and scalable

CIS Core Edition is fully compatible with existing solutions in the Tinubu Square credit insurance software portfolio, is scalable and customisable, and seamlessly integrates with existing IT architecture. Finally, the solution has additional modules that can be activated at any time according to the needs of the credit insurer.

Further information at: www.tinubu.com

About Tinubu Square

Founded in 2000, Tinubu Square is a software vendor, leading expert in trade credit risk management. Tinubu Square enables organizations across the world to significantly reduce their exposure to risk, and their financial, operational and technical costs with best-in-class technology solutions and services. Tinubu Square provides IT solutions and services to different businesses including credit insurers, receivables financing organizations, and multinational corporations

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Source:  Tinubu Square