New ergonomics, new functionalities: Tinubu Risk Management Center enhanced for finance and factoring companies.

Tinubu Square, one of the leading expert in trade credit risk management solutions for trade credit insurers and businesses, has launched a new version of its popular Risk Management Center (RMC). The technology platform that is already widely used by multinational organisations has been completely redesigned to better meet the needs of financial institutions and factoring companies.

Amongst the updates are developments in the risk analysis dashboard on the RMC platform. Users will now find that they can evaluate, analyse and monitor their exposure to credit risk even more thoroughly than with the previous version. an algorithm was built to analyse all credit limits and indicates the invoices that are covered by the credit insurance and the period that they are covered for. In addition, an automatic reminder function has been built in which ensures customers will be notified as their invoices become due or claimable.

“We are building on our success with the RMC, but our research amongst customers demonstrated that financial and factoring companies would benefit from specific new features, additional functionality and a more intuitive approach, so that is what we have built in,” said Jérôme Pezé, CEO at Tinubu Square. “We are also developing a set of web services and APIs to facilitate the interface with the customer, which will be another exciting step in our development.”

Tinubu Risk Management Center

Tinubu RMC is a single, secure cloud platform that automates and streamlines B2B credit management processes with a full range of integrated credit management solutions.

Linking the systems of companies with credit insurers and financial information providers, it provides access to precise and complete financial information on each debtor. Users can make decisions based on tailor-made financial analysis adapted to the activity and characteristics of each customer and be alerted in real time to any negative factors that may impact the company’s credit risk exposure.

The centralised interface of RMC allows to integrate in a single place all the policies of potentially several credit insurers, invoices, limits and credit recommendations. The solution enables a fast and measurable return on investment: better coverage rate, lower claims, reduction of the DSO and the cost of managing credit as well as an opportunity to negotiate improved credit insurance premiums.

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Source: Tinubu Square Press Release