Proven trade credit risk solutions for insurers now available directly to B2Bs, lowering cost of risk management by up to 50%

Tinubu Square, one of the most trusted sources of credit risk solutions for trade credit insurers, announced the latest release of its Tinubu RMC (Risk Management Center) platform, designed for business-to-business organizations.  Tinubu RMC is the first and only cloud-based, SaaS solution for B2B credit intelligence and operational reporting, providing 360-degree decision support on trade credit risk exposure.

Using Tinubu solutions, companies market to and service only “acceptable risk” customers,  reduce DSO (Days Sales Outstanding) by up to 25%, improve cash flow and increase working capital and are better able to securitize receivables and lower the costs of short-term bank credit. Companies with trade credit insurance in place streamline program administration, reduce claims and achieve higher covers, lowering the cost of risk management by up to 50%. Tinubu RMC Platform delivers 360-degree views of buyer risk throughout the enterprise

Tinubu RMC bridges the gaps between back-office A/R, ERP and front-line CRM systems to seamlessly analyze, monitor and manage the financial health and payment performance of current and prospective customers. Tinubu RMC provides operational analytics, reporting and alerts on buyers, credit portfolios, risk categories, exposures, financial summaries, credit policies and more.

Today, Tinubu RMC is proven in use by more than 250 companies worldwide, including Alcatel Lucent, Eurotoll, Fraikin and INAPA, protecting more than €35B in receivables.

About Tinubu Square: With more than a decade of experience, Tinubu Square is the most trusted source of credit intelligence for credit insurers and B2B companies.  Tinubu Risk Management Center (RMC cloudbased SaaS) platform and associated Tinubu Credit Risk Intelligence services are used by more than 250 B2B companies to manage credit risk exposure, secure the value of receivables, reduce DSO,  increase working capital, lower the cost of credit insurance administration, and strengthen financial positioning for short-term bank credit. Tinubu Square is headquartered in Paris, with offices in London, Brussels, Singapore and Mumbai. To read the full story click on the link below.

Source:  Tinubu Square

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