ATR_wt_rgb_hr couleur grand formatBIIA member Atradius offers ’10 Principles that can Help Make Your Supply Relationship Successful’

Apart from the extensive sanctions, supplies to Russia do not normally require any more preparation and legal review than supplies to any other country, which is generally good news. The legal basics that should be observed in relation to Russian customers are largely the same as those that apply in your home jurisdiction and in supply relationships with other customers.

Nevertheless there are certain peculiarities in Russian law as well as practical specifics which a supplier should take into account when planning sales to customers located in Russia. The overview below lists 10 principles which we believe are easy to comply with and can help make your supply relationship a lasting and successful one.

In a nutshell, Atradius advises to take the following steps:

01  Choose the law you feel comfortable with

02  Get the basics right

03  Keep it simple

04  Make sure you get paid

05  Beware corporate approval requirements

06  Comply with competition laws

07  Just a supply, or is there anything else in addition?

08  Comply with sanctions legislation and observe tax and custom regimes and import approvals

09  Consider the dispute resolution forum in advance

10  Be insured

Trade safely with Russia by adhering to above principles!

Source:  Atradius