D&B Investor Day 2010:  D&B’s new CEO Sara Mathew outlined her plans to transform D&B to create more customer value.  D&B is opening a new application development center in Ireland and is joining forces with TransUnion to improve the risk prediction of data and credit scores on small and micro business credit risk (see separate story on next page).

D&B reaffirmed its choice to focus on the “Commercial Insight” space.    Data is to remain the ‘foundational’ asset in creating value for customers.   Re-architecting DUNSRight® and building a flexible technology infrastructure is expected to enable rapid, cost-efficient innovation. D&B aims to improve execution in the North American business and to maintain the growth momentum in D&B International.

Part of the strategy is a continuous investment in global data:  The global database of business entities is to grow from the current 158m to 175m by end of 2010, to 250m by 2012.  Linked records are to grow from 15m to 40m and trade scores from 14m to 26m.  Within this context D&B will increase its small businesses and professional segment by collecting more data and providing more insights indirectly acknowledging that it had to focus more on the small business segment to remain competitive.   Consumer credit bureaus in the US and Europe are busy in building commercial data bases starting from the professional and small business end of the business spectrum.  The announcement therefore is timely and critical.    Source:  D&B Investor Day 2010

BIIA Newsletter May II – 2010 Issue