marketing in the cloud200TransUnion and ImageWare Systems have struck a deal to combine their technological forces in pursuit of a biometric authentication system to protect against fraud.

The bulk of TransUnion’s business is the management of credit and financial information, and as commerce continues to shift into the mobile and digital world, their interest in securing their ID Manager platform is obvious. ImageWare, meanwhile, is a developer of digital identity management solutions offering a number of biometric security approaches that have been used in applications ranging from driver’s licences to fingerprint scanners.

In a press release, a TransUnion executive pointed to the “burden on U.S. consumers” caused by rises in “the scope and frequency of data breaches” – a concern that has been echoed in recent research reports with respect to digital commerce. And with biometric security becoming commonplace on mobile devices, it’s prudent of businesses like TransUnion to adopt it early in their own platforms.