TransUnion today announced three key appointments to its international Analytic and Decision Services team. This move will help businesses internationally with innovative services for fraud prevention, identity management, collections and risk management:

  • Yukiko Ko will be responsible for solutions development for International Fraud and Identity Management.
  •  Bhavna Bhagwakar will direct the solutions development for International Collections Management.
  • Karin Chu will oversee the solutions development for International Risk Management.

“As the world becomes smaller, our customers desire a business partner that provides a global perspective in the areas of business analytics, fraud prevention and risk management issues, yet has insight into their specific market needs,” said Joseph Gurreri, vice president, Analytic and Decision Services and general manager global solutions development. “Yukiko Ko, Bhavna Bhagwakar and Karin Chu, each bring many years of international experience and strategic counsel in meeting this global need.”

These hires further deepen TransUnion’s commitment to its global customer base.  With credit operations around the world in key regions and countries like Asia-Pacific, Latin America, India and South Africa, TransUnion is helping customers in these emerging economies maximize the application of credit information throughout the customer lifecycle, while minimizing various risk factors within their markets.     Source: TransUnion Press Release

BIIA Newsletter September – 2007 Issue