TransUnion, global information and insights company has announced partnering with South Africa’s biggest financial marketplace, Fincheck, to make the credit application process seamless and less frustrating for consumers.

Fincheck makes the of finding the best-suited bank, lender or insurer seamless for consumers due to its deep understanding of the risk appetites of financial institutions. TransUnion, as a leader in the South Africa credit market, helps provide a comprehensive picture of each applicant. By combining the strengths of both the companies. Fincheck will allocate the right lead to the right bank, lender or insurer, saving time for all parties.

Fincheck compares offers from over 80 of South Africa’s major banks, lenders and insurers, allowing consumers to choose the best form of finance, helping find credit to cover unexpected expenses or making ends meet, responsibly. Consumers will be able to access a free TransUnion credit report on Fincheck, which helps them understand their financial position to make better, more responsible financial decisions.

“Being able to access affordable credit and valuable information in the same place will help South African consumers during these challenging times. Checking the information held on you is accurate before making an application can be an invaluable tool that can help you understand your financial options more clearly. Ultimately, we aim to assist the user with their financial choices and move them toward financial freedom,” comments Michael Bowren, CEO of Fincheck.

Source:  IBS Intelligence