TransUnion reported an 8.4% growth in Q3 revenues up to US$ 267.6 million.  Revenues from emerging markets operations grew 23.4% up to US$35.6 million.   Revenues from Interactive grew by 19.9% to US$ 37.3 million.  Operating income was US$72.8 million up 10%. 

Results for the 9 months ended September 30th 2011 revenues grew 8.4% to US$771.0 million.  Emerging markets revenues grew by 23.4% to US$ 96.6 million.  Operating income was US$188.4 million.  Interactive revenues grew by 20.5% to US$ 110.6 million which indicates that TransUnion is gaining market share in this segment.

Strategic Initiatives:  TransUnion announced on October 13th that it has acquired Financial Healthcare Systems, an acquisition which will further strengthening its healthcare product line.

Source: TransUnion Earnings Release