According to a recent Google Consumer Survey commissioned by TransUnion, one third (32.7 percent) of Americans surveyed said they have never checked their credit report or score. An additional quarter (24.2 percent) said they had not checked their report or score in over a year.

With the challenging economic conditions of the recent years, there is no better time than now for consumers to brush up on their personal finance ABCs, evaluate their own financial situation and identify areas that need improvement. Unfortunately, not all Americans are taking the time to assess their financial health.

April is Financial Literacy Month and TransUnion takes this opportunity to remind consumers to continually review their credit information and personal finances and provides some basic personal finance tips to help get them on the path to financial health.

“It’s easy for people to become frustrated and confused with all the financial information coming at them,” said Julie Springer, vice president at TransUnion. “But instead of becoming overwhelmed by a general lack of financial awareness, consumers need to start with the basics of personal finances and understand their own current financial situation so they can identify areas to work on.”

Source: TransUnion