TransUnion New Logo 300TransUnion TRU is currently making significant investments to modernize its infrastructure and facilitate the seamless transition to the latest Big Data and analytics technologies. Such investments will allow TransUnion expand its business and improve its cost structure. It recently inked a strategic partnership with SavvyMoney, wherein both entities will work mutually to enhance their financial data analytical offerings to the customers.

This deal will help TransUnion’s consumers get personalized credit information services using SavvyMoney’s highly advanced credit system. 

Headquartered in Pleasanton, CA, SavvyMoney is a leading provider of credit information services. It works toward empowering its customers to take full control of their finances by providing easy to understand actionable advice about their credits. The company provides free ongoing access to their credit score, as well as explains the factors that impact it, and recommends actions to improve it.

TransUnion took over RTech (Healthcare Revenue Technologies, Inc) to enhance its healthcare business by leveraging data, technology and analytics to help healthcare providers make the most of its lucrative business potential. In June, the company had also acquired Auditz, LLC, another leading healthcare services organization.

TransUnion is focused on organic and inorganic growth to enhance its portfolio. These initiatives will help the company enhance its top line, going forward.

Source: Yahoo Finance