TransUnion announced the launch of SmartMove ( ), an affordable online solution to help independent rental owners and multi-family operators better evaluate prospective applicants’ rental applications. The solution comes at a time when new renters may be re-entering the rental market due to a deteriorating housing market and current homeowners are converting their houses into rental properties in response to a slumping housing market. While applicant screening is becoming more widely adopted by independent rental owners, it is often time consuming and expensive to manually order credit reports and also conduct background checks, sometimes taking days to receive this information. In addition, many of these independent owners have no processes in place to maintain, store or protect this type of information. TransUnion’s SmartMove provides a new level of security for consumers as they do not have to share their personal information with the landlord — while landlords improve efficiencies because of the instant online screening process.

SmartMove capabilities include: Instant and reliable leasing recommendations based on the landlord’s criteria and TransUnion’s data and analytics.  Online instant enrollment that increases efficiency by giving rental owners prompt access to the service upon receipt of authorization from the prospective renter.  An added layer of protection and privacy for consumers because Social Security and credit account numbers are not displayed to the landlord; and A way to check renter applications against one of the largest credit, criminal and eviction databases. 

SmartMove also allows the rental owner to determine the threshold of risk for each property with pre-defined settings.  For example, a vacation property in a gated community might require a low risk value for potential renters, while an apartment near a university campus might accept applicants at higher risk levels.

Another key element of SmartMove is the three-step process, which simplifies the interaction between landlord and renter.  First, the landlord sets up an account and uses the secure SmartMove website to generate an email to the potential renter with a link to the site to provide consent for the landlord to access the renter’s information.  Once consent is given, the landlord then receives a recommendation from TransUnion based on the landlord’s criteria.  SmartMove also allows the landlord to determine which party pays for the screening service and can order additional information. Independent rental owners and potential renters may simply visit  to view a demonstration of the site and sign up.

BIIA Newsletter October 2008 Issue