WAND, Inc. has announced the availability for the licensing of a new taxonomy specifically designed for organizing travel and leisure content on the web.  This travel and leisure taxonomy is comprised of six facets: destinations, activities, lifestyles, accommodations, transportation, and travel services.  Travel content, reviews, tours, video, and more can be organized by location, activity, and lifestyle (i.e.; gay and lesbian, seniors, family, singles, etc.) within the travel taxonomy hierarchy.  Travel services, transportation, and accommodations can be profiled as well to cover every facet of the travel industry.   The taxonomy is translated into 12 languages so data can be searched internationally by all travelers. 

Ross Leher, WAND’s CEO said that “While there are a large number of websites to find flights and hotels, there is no easy way on the internet to navigate through all of the other travel activities and services that somebody might be looking for. The WAND Travel and Leisure taxonomy now makes it possible to easily search through any travel content in a well structured interface.”  Leher further commented that the WAND Travel and Leisure taxonomy is a natural extension of the expertise that WAND has built from developing its industry best product and service taxonomy.   Source: Wand Press Release

BIIA Newsletter January 2008 Issue