On April 30th 2020 the International Committee on Credit Reporting (World Bank Group) conducted a webinar with the title: “Treatment of Credit Data in a Crisis: Practical Considerations and Challenges.” 

The webinar was co-chaired by Mahesh Uttamchandani Chairman of the ICCR (World Bank Group) and Neil Munroe, Vice Chair of the ICCR and Deputy Managing Director of BIIA

Discussants were:

  • TU UK – Dave Webber
  • Experian – Tony Hadley
  • CDIA – Eric J. Ellman
  • ALACRED – Giovanna Cardellicchio
  • ACCIS – Enrique Velazquez
  • FEBIS – Silvia Amaral
  • BIIA – Peter Sheerin
  • ACIPE – Bohdan Pshenychnyi

Kindly use this link to access the webinar recording and please click here to access relevant material on Finance and COVID-19 Response by the World Bank Group. The additional information from CDIA can be accessed at CDIA Covid-19 Resource Page

For discussion details, please click on this link:  WEBINAR PCB PCR FINAL