1TransUnion and FICO announced recently the availability of FICO® Auto Score 9 XT based on TransUnion CreditVision® trended data. The new score is specifically catered to the auto finance marketplace and includes several new features, including trended data from TransUnion’s CreditVision.

Whereas a traditional credit report offers a glimpse of a consumer at a snapshot in time, trended data assets leverage an expanded view of credit data with up to 30 months of historical information. This includes available information on each loan account, including payment history, such as dollars paid, amount paid vs. minimum due and the total amount borrowed over time.

The use of trended data from CreditVision in FICO® Auto Score 9 XT gives TransUnion’s auto finance customers an in-depth view of borrowers that they previously could not access.

In addition to the use of trended data, the new FICO® Auto Score 9 XT ignores collection agency accounts that have been paid off. And like other scores in the FICO® Score 9 family, it differentiates unpaid medical accounts that have gone into collections from unpaid non-medical accounts that have gone into collections.

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Source:  TransUnion Press Release