Digital identity verification services will be enhanced in Ireland through Trulioo’s GlobalGateway, allowing many organizations to have access to more than 450 data types to conduct KYC and AML-compliant digital ID checks on consumers. This will enhance trust between user organizations and their customers, according to a company press release.

Per the release, the move means that organizations will henceforth be able to dependably verify aspects such as age, identity and addresses of their customers within the ambits of data privacy laws like the EU’s GDPR.

“By forging deep partnerships with identity data providers globally, Trulioo has accumulated the world’s most expansive collection of identity data and tools. We continue to seek out the most optimal partners in order to meet the evolving needs of our customers around the world. We’re thrilled to expand Trulioo coverage in Ireland to facilitate improved digital onboarding for a consumer market of over 5 million people,” Munford states.

The GlobalGateway platform is Trulioo flagship ID verification service, and its adoption by PassFort was unveiled just weeks ago.

Source:  Biometric Update