TruNarrative, the financial crime platform and decision engine has announced a new partnership with Whitepages Pro – a leading provider of complementary fraud and identity verification solutions.

Due to large scale data compromise, traditional identity and fraud checks can be easily manipulated or obtained by fraudsters, therefore it is crucial organisations are able to layer in enhanced checks for multiple, digital attributes such as email, mobile and IP.

Enriching application data with further verification is an increasingly important defence against cyber crime, and most effectively as part of an overall layered, unified approach. Companies across many sectors, recognise using multiple data sources and being able to cross reference easily is a much more comprehensive and robust approach to onboarding and fraud prevention strategy. Both Whitepages Pro and TruNarrative share this core value.

The partnership will help TruNarrative customers build a customisable risk score of their consumers, using real-time global identity data, machine learning, and network insights across the five-core consumer attributes of email, phone, person, address, and IP.

The integration between the TruNarrative platform and Whitepages Pro was completed using TruNarrative’s open API.  Customers can build rules around granular data from Whitepages Pro to meet their individual risk profiles.

The Whitepages Pro Identity Graph database houses over 5 billion global records and provides crucial information linking digital and traditional identity attributes for TruNarrative customers. Bringing Whitepages data into the TruNarrative App store allows customers to build a layered approach and decision on multiple data sources. Firms can build a complete picture of a customer’s identity and automatically score customer interactions in a way that fits their specific risk profile.

Identifying legitimate customers, preventing fraudulent transactions, and smoothing the account creation process is now easier than ever before for TruNarrative customers as Whitepages Pro solution provides:

  • Cross-border solution- One search that cross validates emails, phones, physical addresses, name, and IP.
  • Name checks – Verifies if the name matches the addresses, emails, and phones provided.
  • Phone checks – Shows whether the phone numbers are valid, country code, and if they match the names and addresses provided.
  • Email checks – Shows age of emails, whether the emails are valid, active, and if the registered names match the names provided.
  • Address checks – Shows if addresses are real, valid, and if the resident name matches the name provided.
  • IP address checks – Shows if the IP is risky and verifies its location.
  • Confidence Score – A real-time, predictive score derived from Identity Check’s 70+ data signals, transactional patterns from our proprietary Identity Network, and machine learning.

John Lord, CEO of TruNarrative said:  “Whitepages Pro will make an excellent addition to the TruNarrative platform, facilitating stronger fraud detection and delivering more effective identity verification solutions for our clients. Providing fast but thorough results to companies striving to deliver a great digital journey is essential to us at TruNarrative, and so we are very happy to have integrated Whitepages Pro’s superb service into our platform.”

Whitepages Pro Vice President of Busines Development and Partnerships Tom Donlea said:  “TruNarrative’s unique and innovative platform provides users with the ability to access a range of enhanced authentication solutions to verify online customers through a single platform. In this way, our unparalleled identity verification solutions perfectly complement TruNarrative’s existing services, so we are very excited about this partnership.”

About WhitePages Pro

Whitepages Pro provides global identity verification solutions via enterprise-scale APIs to optimize automation, and Pro Insight, built for global manual review teams. Our solutions help companies identify legitimate customers, prevent fraudulent transactions, and smooth new customer account creation. We apply pattern recognition, predictive analytics, and machine learning to the five core consumer attributes of email, phone, person, physical address, and IP to deliver unparalleled coverage and accuracy, all backed by 20 years of sophisticated data science.

Source: TruNarrative News