TruNarrative, creator of leading platform for financial crime and compliance management, has announced its expansion into the North American market with the official launch of its US headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.

TruNarrative is a collaboration between John Lord, former Group Managing Director at identity management firm GBG Plc, and Larry Smith, a technology founder and investor who has successfully built numerous technology focused organizations, including Provenir and Kitewheel, two hot and high growth scaled businesses that still sit within his portfolio. Dozens of banks, lenders, ecommerce, merchant acquirers and payments services organizations across Europe already trust and rely on the TruNarrative platform to deliver a low-friction customer experience and prevent financial crime.

“Launching our platform across differently regulated European markets has provided us with an ideal testbed for demonstrating the value of our unified approach.  This will serve us well as we expand into the multiple jurisdictions of the North American market.” said John Lord, CEO of TruNarrative.

To detect fraud and maintain compliance with fast changing regulations, organizations typically rely on dozens of third-party data sources and their own internal data to verify new customers and assess risk. However, because each provider delivers their data in a non-standard, proprietary format, businesses waste time and IT resources tying these data silos together, resulting in inferior decisions and increased operational costs.

Unifying data sources allows for the intelligent application of human expertise and machine learning to make decisions.  TruNarrative brings decisions for risk and compliance into their single no-code platform, connecting multiple identify verification, fraud detection, eKYC, and AML compliance data providers via a single API.

Kristin Stafford, co-founder and CEO of Atlanta-based AML technology company Vital4, an early US partner of TruNarrative said:

“TruNarrative has created a robust financial crime & anti-fraud software platform and is set to change the way the industry approaches the complex AML and KYC compliance requirements that every regulated business is currently grappling with,”

“Our AML data solution integrated with TruNarrative’s decision engine platform dramatically improves the screening and monitoring of sanctions as well as regulatory and enforcement watchlists, adverse media and PEP’s with associations. We are excited to see TruNarrative bring its innovative platform to the North American market.”

TruNarrative has already built multiple integrations with leading EU & USA data providers including; major credit reporting agencies, document and biometric verification services, device intelligence suppliers, and dozens of other market-leading data service providers.

The TruNarrative platform allows businesses to:

  • Reduce Costs & Increase Operational Efficiency:Increase match rates, minimize false positives, and reduce the need for costly manual reviews, by automating the customer onboarding process with sophisticated orchestration capabilities.
  • Detect Fraud & Reduce Risk:Integrating disparate data sources into a single decisioning platform delivers a consolidated view of customer interactions, allowing for a true risk-based approach.
  • Demonstrate Compliance Across Multiple Jurisdictions:A single unified platform enables regulatory transparency and facilitates internal MI.
  • Deliver Agile Customer Journeys:A no-code interface increases agility by empowering subject-matter experts to quickly react to changing regulatory and market conditions without IT involvement.

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About TruNarrative

TruNarrative was founded in 2016 with a single mission: to make safe commerce simpler, with offices in London, Leeds UK, and Atlanta GA. TruNarrative aims to transform the fraud, KYC and AML process by providing a product built on state-of-the-art technology. Delivering the best of data science to ambitious companies of all sizes.

TruNarrative has partnerships with major credit reporting agencies, document and biometric verification services, device intelligence suppliers, and dozens of other market-leading data service providers.  These integrations can be easily configured by business users without any coding. Learn more at

Source:  TruNarratve Press Release