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Acting to prevent cyberattacks can allow companies to protect sensitive information to improve the customer experience, grow their reputation, reduce risk exposure and ultimately improve the balance sheet, according to a white paper from Amadeus, the travel technology company. The white paper’s key findings include:

  • Companies can use security initiatives to improve their customers’ experience and drive greater sales on their websites.
  • There are significant opportunities for airlines to unlock hidden revenues by reducing the number of valid transactions which are blocked by ineffective fraud management
  • Storing sensitive data as tokens allows travel companies to eliminate sensitive data altogether from their organizations which greatly reduces the burden of meeting regulatory obligations.
  • Automating fraud management controls can not only reduce the level of fraud, which a company is exposed to but also reduce the hidden cost of fraud.

A key recommendation of the paper is that companies take holistic approach to databiia-cyber-sceruity-ad

The Amadeus whitepaper is available here.

Source:  Cyber Security Intelligence