The United States Equifax 500has completed integration with Equifax Inc. (NYSE:  EFX) to supply identity proofing and account, address and mobile device ID verification. The partnership will help the SSA manage risk and mitigate fraud for the my Social Security system, a personalized portal for customers to access some of SSA’s services such as the online statement.

Equifax will assist the SSA in securing SSA’s online services using their online risk-based authentication solution. By implementing Equifax solutions to help detect and mitigate fraud, the agency will enhance its defense-in-depth strategy for securing eServices.

“Equifax and the SSA have a long and successful history of ensuring the privacy and proper use of sensitive information,” said Sunjay Talele, General Manager of Identity and Fraud Solutions at Equifax. “This partnership will help protect the millions of online transactions the SSA manages annually.”

The Equifax partnership will help the agency provide citizens secure, reliable, and efficient service delivery channels for transacting business electronically.

Source:  Equifax Press Release