Innovator TruNarrative, a leading RegTech platform in the financial crime and compliance sector, has announced a partnership with one of the UK’s latest banking and wealth management apps, ikigai.

TruNarrative enables businesses to detect fraud and identify risk using a single API. Their technology is used to strengthen fraud detection and compliance across the globe in a range of industries including, banking, lending, online gambling, eCommerce and payment services. 

ikigai combines wealth management and banking in a single intuitive app. ikigai’s commitment to innovation, ease and accessibility with its flat monthly fee means that customers can unlock their savings potential and stay in touch with their investments easily and in real-time.

The partnership follows a competitive tender process and will give ikigai full access to the TruNarrative platform and its capabilities, in customer onboarding, identity verification, account monitoring, payment screening, transactional risk and ongoing risk monitoring of customers.

ikigai sleek app helps customers take better care of their finances. ikigai users can set up a budget and automatically invest at the end of the month based on their spending. They can then stay on-top of both their spending and their investments all through a single intuitive app.  Introducing a flat monthly fee of £20, ikigai does not charge its customers a percentage fee for the management of their investments, unlike traditional players.

About ikigai

We built ikigai specifically for those who want to bring their lifestyle to the next level, by taking better care of their finances.  ikigai beautifully combines wealth management and everyday banking in one single app. And by doing so, it creates a whole new world of opportunities.  Discover more at:

Source:  TruNarrative Press Release