Four in ten (40 per cent) British consumers believe it’s ”crucial” that small businesses maintain a social media presence, according to new research.  

A survey from Fasthosts Interned Ltd has found that most British consumers expect smaller companies to provide support and advice to their customers through online channels.  The web hosting firm surveyed over 2000 UK consumers to find that 37 per cent expect to see businesses replying to their queries outside of normal working hours.  Almost half of the group (48 per cent) said that for a small business to remain relevant to them, they must be able to offer support outside the ’9 to 5′ slot.

Other readings suggested that one of the most ideal ways of delivering clear and concise responses to these questions is to have a member of staff monitor company social networks throughout the day. However, while this duty might lend itself more to the customer service category, the respondents said brands could still capitalise on a number of social media marketing opportunities by regularly updating their pages.

Source: Redrockedtmedia – EASDP