Duedil is a new business information company that offers free financial information sourced from UK’s Companies House (Public Sector Information).   It is so confident in the quality of its data, that it offers a £5 payment if one finds any discrepancies in its financials, no questions asked.  

The company was launched in April 2011 by Damian Kimmelman, owner of ‘We Are VI Ltd’ and co-founder of Mackin Gaming.  Duedil claims in its website to have the largest database of free company financials in the world!   That is a tall order for an upstart that is only several months in operation.  Duedil aggregates data from all over the web and bring this to users along-side information which it pays for.  It says the information will correspond directly with the information found at Companies House delivering company financial statements, going back 10 years, with company histories, name changes, litigations, director lists, family graphs & more.

According to Duedil, it is funded by Passion Capital, who is predominantly funded by the UK government.  Other investors are some of the people behind Skype, LastFM, Yahoo, AOL & QXL/Tradus, and was chosen as a Microsoft Bizspark company.

Source:  Duedil Website