Under the banner of facilitating business decisions by protecting access to publicly available data, the newly formed United Kingdom Business Information Providers Association has announced the launch of its website www.bipa.uk.com

The website will serve to promote the work of the Association, which was formed in March 2011, to facilitate economic growth through the promotion and protection of statutory publicly available data used by Credit Reference Agencies (CRAs) in the UK. This includes information held at Companies House, which plays an essential role in reducing the risk inherent in business transactions by ensuring credit rating assessments are founded upon accurate data relating to the financial position of businesses.

Further, the website will support the Association’s additional objectives of facilitating greater communication and information exchange between both the CRAs themselves and the wider business community and promoting the positive role this exchange can play in promoting responsible business lending.

Site visitors will also be able to access news on submissions the Association has made to Government invitations to participate in pre-legislative discussion on relevant policy issues. This includes the current Department for Business Innovation and Skills (BIS) consultations on ‘Simpler Reporting for the Smallest Businesses’ and ’The Plan for Growth’.

The site also includes background and contact information on BIPA’s founding member CRAs, who (in alphabetical order) are Creditsafe Business Solutions Ltd, Dun & Bradstreet, Equifax, Experian and Graydon UK.

Source:   Business Information Providers Association

The United Kingdom BIPA initiative follows in the footsteps of BIIA who has launched its website www.biia.com in 2005 to provide a neutral open forum for its members to debate and resolve common issues with users, regulators, government and the public information sector; as well as promoting the industry by demonstrating the value of information for users and national economies as a whole.   BIIA wishes BIPA lots of success in its efforts to protect access to public sector information.