Parcel DeliveryThe Global Addressing Conference on October 26 and 27 2015 (Berne, Switzerland) will be the first of its kind, bringing together not just postal systems and postal addressing experts, but addressing and location specialists of all types.

The two day event will celebrate creativity and imagination in the person of the three winners of the Addressing Challenges launched in 2014.

We will explore both policy and fundamentals of what societies need in terms of addressing.  The presentations and conversations will be something you must not miss if you have anything to do with address data or economic development. And don’t forget the workshops and the close conversations with the exports that will take place on day 2.

As we know, address data, its existence or not, and its accuracy, is a core necessity of international ecommerce.   And addressing is a core requirement of economic and social/civic development.  Come and be part of history in this first-of-its-kind event.

Contact: Charles Prescott

Source: Universal Postal Union – Global Addressing Conference