Credit Bureau Connection (CBC), the provider of the most comprehensive set of fraud prevention tools in the automotive industry, helped stop a Southern California fraud ring.

Automotive fraud comes in many different flavors, from personal identity theft, to thieves creating a new persona using synthetic identities, and more. CBC proudly stands at the forefront of dealership Red Flags detection and various other identity protection tools with detection built into CBC’s proprietary Red Flags Compliance. CBC makes it simple to detect potential fraud by delivering fraud and OFAC results at the top of the dealer run credit report. This makes the daunting task of dealership due diligence easier than any other solution available.

The power of CBC’s software was proven recently when an individual attempted to purchase a luxury vehicle from a well known Southern California dealership, and during the process, CBC’s solution alerted dealership personnel of a potential threat. The information delivered was shared with local authorities, and the thief was arrested. This eventually led to the arrest of another individual linked to the same theft ring. To read the personal testimonial from the dealership legal counsel, click here.

“We’ve always believed our method of delivering Red Flags is superior, and to know we assisted in ending what could have become a huge theft ring is not only satisfying but justifies all the hard work and dedication the CBC team puts into continually enhancing our suite of products. We are and always will be forward-thinking and ahead of the curve when it comes to dealer credit report and compliance solutions.” Mike Green, CEO/President of CBC.”

About: Credit Bureau Connection

CBC, is the industry leader in credit report and compliance solutions. CBC, a technology oriented company focused on cutting edge products and services. We utilize high-end servers and the latest hardware, managed in the most secure and redundant data centers in the world.  CBC’s eCredit Complete is the fastest, most secure credit report portal and the only completely web based application with “all-inclusive” compliance bundled into the credit report itself.