BIIA apologizes for the intermittent outage of its website  This appears to be the result of network outages in the US.

The East Coast is experiencing Internet and phone communications outages. Initial reports blame the severe weather for the problem (ice storm).  Many people did not make it to work and thus are working from home.  This may compound the problem, however capacity issues seem to embarrass Verizon.

2014-02-05 Verizon System Outages  13.08.51

Verizon most reported problems on February 4th impacted phone services (46%), Internet (38%) and total blackout (7%).  Problems appear to persist today (Febr. 5th).

Verizon Communications (VZ) recently conceded that Verizon’s fourth-generation data network is suffering under a heavy influx of users in New York City, Chicago, and San Francisco.  It is obvious that subscribers are adding more and more devices and when everybody is forced by severe weather to work from home, with nowhere else to go to, the system is likely to have capacity problems.