New from the ARMADA Corporate Intelligence COO Forum:

ARMADA’s Keith Prather spending time recently with COO’s across a wide variety of industries, it was interesting how many of them are feeling pressure. All of them are experiencing labor problems.

Some individual stories were interesting. One was a pharma drug development firm and they said that trials were significantly slower than expected (non-existent essentially) because they can’t get simple supplies of certain items required to conduct those trials (stainless steel products, etc.).

Another was a specialist in cyber security, and he mentioned that the number of ransomware attacks has surged since the beginning of the year. The last item that I wanted to mention was a mid-size company that is being forced to place purchase orders and some advanced payments for products critical to their operations.

 They have cash flow concerns because they can’t predict when the products will arrive (weeks, months, a year?) and they can’t schedule cash payments to fit into other cyclical payments. It is beginning to create a credit concern for them, and is forcing them into tough decisions about hiring, expansion, and ultimately, they lose customers.

Courtesy of ARMADA Corporate Intelligence