A new commercial campaign for the first-of-its-kind financial product, Experian Boost, launched. The multi-spot campaign for Experian Boost drives home the fact that, for the first time ever, consumers can instantly raise their credit scores, allowing them to take control of their credit like never before.

The commercial features a hero on a mission, leading a herd of purple-spotted cows, who teaches a stranded driver that, by using Experian Boost, he could improve his credit scores and purchase a new pickup truck. The friendly advice is underscored by the herd’s cry of “Booooost” that follows their leader’s every mention of “Experian” in the commercial.

“The commercial is designed to break through the advertising clutter and deliver a clear message in a humorous and unexpected way – especially for Experian,” said Kevin Everhart, vice president of consumer and brand marketing at Experian Consumer Services. “The commercial’s tone and storyline are rooted in the product’s status as a breakthrough offering that delivers a valuable service to consumers.”

Since March 2019, more than 2.4 million consumers have connected to Experian Boost. Prior to Experian Boost, consumers had no way to control the contribution of this kind of positive payment information to their credit report and raise their credit scores instantly.

“The first spot’s opening is all about creating curiosity that gets rewarded by something surprising and definitely unusual,” said Todd Miller, who heads The Cooler (Experian’s in-house creative agency) “The call of ‘Experian!’ by the herd leader, and the purple cows’ unexpected response of ‘Booooost!’ creates an iconic identity for the Experian Boost product.”

The commercial is the first of several set for airing in the coming months and additional creative has been developed for digital application in social media, via ad networks and in CRM campaigns.

Source: Martechseries.com