The fortunes of the majority b2b information and media companies have changed during the past twelve months; however there are some who still show significant gains in shareholder value.

The leader of the pack is BOL Thailand (Business Online Public Company Limited) whose revenues grew by 20% to US$ 7.9 million in 2007.  The BOL business model is based on a public sector / private sector partnership, whereby BOL has a license to manage and market public sector data and to enhance it turning it into value added information services.  During the past 10 years BOL has created a financial information database on over 800,000 Thai businesses.

Through a partnership with Dun & Bradstreet (D&B), BOL has access to D&B’s global database of 140 million records for the benefit of Thailand’s exporters.  Source: BOL Annual Report

BIIA Newsletter July / August 2008 Issue