The scheme of arrangement between Veda Advantage Limited (Veda Advantage) and its ordinary shareholders (Scheme) in relation to the acquisition by VA Australia Finance Pty Limited(1) (VA Finance) of all of the issued shares of Veda Advantage became effective today with the lodging of the Court orders with ASIC. ASX and NZX will suspend trading in Veda Advantage shares from close of trading today. No further action is required from shareholders. The date and time for determining shareholders’ entitlements will be 2 July 2007 at 5:00pm (Record Date). Shareholders registered on the Record Date (Scheme Shareholders) will receive A$3.61 cash per Veda Advantage share consisting of:  A$3.51 per share in scheme consideration from VA Finance

The scheme consideration will be paid on 9 July 2007 (the implementation date of the Scheme). All Scheme Shareholders will receive the scheme consideration by way of cheque in Australian dollars sent to their registered address. Direct credit facilities will not operate for this payment.

A$0.10 per share by way of fully franked special dividend from Veda Advantage

The special dividend will be paid to Scheme Shareholders on 6 July 2007. Scheme Shareholders who previously provided their bank account details to Veda Advantage’s registry for the purposes of distribution of dividend payments will have the special dividend paid directly into their nominated accounts. All other Scheme Shareholders will receive the special dividend by way of cheque sent to their registered address. Source: Veda Advantage Press Release

BIIA Newsletter June – 2007 Issue