Veda new logo EquifaxAustralia’s leading provider of credit information, Veda, and the largest provider of mortgage broking services in the country, Australian Finance Group (AFG), have teamed up to make it easier for mortgage brokers to access critical credit history information and better match borrowers with appropriate credit products.

Working closely with Veda, AFG has directly integrated VedaScore Apply® Credit Reports into their proprietary platform, Flex®. Brokers can now leverage the application data already in their Flex® platform to request a VedaScore Apply® Credit Report, eliminating the need to re-enter client details in a separate interface. The capability is currently being rolled out to AFG’s 2,600 brokers nationwide and is set to help improve conversion rates.

As a result of the integration, AFG brokers can view credit reports with the latest Comprehensive Credit Reporting (CCR) data as well as traditional negative data on behalf of their customers. CCR data provides a wealth of new insights on each applicant relating to credit worthiness, life stage, and repayment capacity and enhances the ability for brokers to match customers with the right credit product.

Source: Veda Press Release