Veda new Logo200Inivio (Veda’s Marketing Services Unit) announced a partnership with Datalicious to revolutionize content delivery to corporate websites

Australian marketers can revolutionize content delivery on corporate websites – making the ‘one size fits all’ home page a thing of the past – through a first of a kind solution from Inivio and Datalicious, launched recently at the ADMA conference in Sydney.  By marrying Inivio’s rich offline customer insights with Datalicious’ technology, marketers can serve content tailored to the known needs, attributes and values of the individual visitor, in real time.

This new solution provides marketers the power to deliver home page content based on individual visitor need, to change the tone, look and feel of the page to align with a visitor’s profile, to offer live chat for valuable customers, or to localise content such as the nearest branch location or dealer phone number.

Chris Smith, General Manager of Invio said the Datalicious partnership was about delivering the power of offline insights to maximise online channels. “The aim is delivering total marketing efficiency with minimal wastage, and maximising the chances of closing the sale. In effect, marketers can now apply the same offline data insights they use in their data-driven marketing strategies to the corporate website.”

About Inivio:  Inivio is the new name for the Marketing Services Division of Veda.  As part of the Veda Group, Inivio provides access to diverse and comprehensive consumer and business insights in Australia.  Inivio considers itself at the leading edge of disruptive marketing innovation.

About Datalicious:  Founded with the aim of creating a 360 data agency, Datalicious offers a wide range of data services from data warehousing, web analytics and media attribution over data mining, modeling and reporting to the planning and development of smart data driven campaigns and entire websites. 

Source:  Veda Press Release