BIIA member FiinGroup is pleased to present FiinPro Digest Report #7: “Corporate earnings set off new growth cycle” of FiinGroup.   To download this report, click here.

The report aims to provide a full picture of 2020 earnings, 2021 outlook and specific investment ideas based on our analytical capabilities of financial and securities data.  As part of “FiinPro Digest” series, this Report is prepared as a value-added service primarily for subscribers of FiinGroup’s financial information and data platforms. Accordingly, FiinPro Digest #7 focuses on analyzing financial data to bring insights and findings with concrete data-driven evidence, hence providing an independent and in-depth perspective on securities and financial matters.

This report is prepared by Data Analytics team of FiinGroup’s Financial Information Services, who are committed to ensuring independence and objectivity in providing opinions, comments and analysis on industries and specific stocks. FiinGroup maintains a policy of strict control over any conflicts of interest that may arise in providing our services in general and conducting analysis in FiinPro Digest series in particular. This is not only a requirement under the current regulation after it officially expands to a corporate credit rating service, but also pursuant to FiinGroup’s internal compliance policies to ensure integrity and no underlying motive in the opinions it gives.

FiinGroup hope that this report will not only support analysts at investment institutions and individual investors but also banks and relevant agencies in working out measures or policies to mitigate the Covid-19 impacts on different sectors. Data in this report was mainly extracted from its FiinPro Platform, which is widely used by its subscribers. FiinGroup are looking forward to receiving comments and feedback on this report.  For more information, please contact

Source:  FiinGroup