WAND, Inc announced the release of the latest entry in its enterprise taxonomy library, the new Information Technology Department Taxonomy. Designed specifically for IT departments, this new information technology taxonomy gives a major jump-start to any enterprise content project that is organizing IT related documents.

With over 1,700 categories and several hundred synonyms, the Information Technology Department Taxonomy contains a multi-level hierarchy of important IT and software terminology such as software titles, IT certifications, software development, programming languages, IT administration, and more. The vocabulary includes core information technology concepts and it can easily be extended and customized with organization specific terminology.

The WAND Information Technology Department Taxonomy is available in standard data formats which easily import into SharePoint 2010, Oracle UCM, and other enterprise content management technologies. And, of course, the taxonomy is compatible with WAND’s DataFacet Automatic Tagging engine for SharePoint 2010, Oracle UCM, Documentum, MarkLogic, and more.

To read the full release click on the link:   Press Release I T Taxonomy 2011-06-15

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