Integration provides a custom action to add taxonomy based metadata during a workflow process 

WAND, Inc., a leading provider of taxonomies and the DataFacet Automatic Tagging Solution for SharePoint, today announced its integration with Nintex Workflow.  The DataFacet Automatic Annotation custom action for Nintex Workflow allows a user to automatically tag documents with taxonomy metadata as part of a workflow process. 

Users who have DataFacet and Nintex Workflow installed on their SharePoint environment will be able take advantage of this custom action to control when a document is automatically tagged and base conditional actions on those tags.  This custom action can be added to any workflow built using Nintex Workflow’s simple drag-and-drop interface.     Workflows can be configured to tag documents with any terminology that is stored in the SharePoint Term Store, including terms from any of WAND’s Foundation Taxonomies. 

Nintex is focused on delivering technology that is easy to use and empowers organizations to automate business processes.  We welcome WAND as a Nintex technology partner since their DataFacet automatic tagging solution enhances users ability to automate business processes” said Wayne Woolston, Nintex President.

Source:  Wand Inc. Press Release