BIIA Associate Member Wand Inc. recent deal with Infoserve for its about-to-be-launched business search platform is an illustration of high level taxonomy and value-added reach software combining to create real advances in business information discovery. 

Multimedia company Infoserve (Leeds, UK) specializes in helping small and medium sized businesses promote themselves to people searching online for local goods and services. It lists around 2.7 million businesses across its family of websites, which collectively receive more than 24 million visitors a month. Wand’s custom built, carefully structured, taxonomy will allow consumers to search for businesses via one of 70,000 categories and return accurate, relevant results. Infoserve believes that Wand’s technology, coupled with other software developments, will enable it to become a pioneering UK business finder.   To read the full story visit ‘Industry News’.    Source:;; EPS Insights,

BIIA Newsletter April – 2007 Issue