Powered by the semantic content and expertise of WAND, Inc., Local Search and DA provider Telegate (11880.com) now offers Germany ‘s state-of-the-art search for local businesses.  WAND provided more than 180,000 keywords pointing to Telegate’s system of about 8,000 headings. This database of keywords was tailored to fit Telegate’s specific needs and business rules, enabling users to get relevant results for almost every conceivable search, while simultaneously increasing the exposure of businesses and advertisers.

A query log analysis revealed that previous to using WAND’s semantic content, Telegate suffered from a considerable number of failed searches.  As it happens with many local search providers, almost 40% of all category searches produced no results, leaving ten thousands of users unsatisfied each day.  For Telgate it was a dilemma.  The requested information was in the company database, but users were not able to find it because they were not aware of the exact wording of business categories.

In order to solve the problems, WAND matched Telegate business categories to Wand’s taxonomy. As a result of this matching process Telegate received a vast amount of synonyms which it could include in its database. In parallel, WAND analyzed query logs of the last six months in order to find missed searches and extract additional search words to include into their taxonomy. The integration project was executed by WAND’s German partner within three month, and after testing and refining the results Telegate were able to successfully launch the service within four weeks.   As a result of integrating WAND’s German Local Search taxonomy, Telegate’s failed searches were significantly reduced; more than two out of three searches that previously failed now lead to the best results available. In addition, similar searches now produce consistent results on Telegate’s Local Search.

About Telegate AG:

Telegate is a leading supplier of information services in Europe. The company was founded in 1996 and in 1999 was successfully listed on the Frankfurt stock exchange (ISIN: DE0005118806). Apart from the expansion of innovative services for consumers and business customers, the drive into other European countries is the focal point of the company’s strategic orientation. Telegate has successfully established itself in Austria , France , Italy and Spain . In the fiscal year of 2006 the Telegate Group achieved total revenues of around 180 million Euro,  with an annual net income of 6 million Euro.

About WAND, Inc. (a member of BIIA)

Since 1995, WAND (www.wandinc.com) has developed structured multi-lingual vocabularies with related tools and services to power precision search and classification applications on the internet.  From our custom travel, jobs and skills, and medical taxonomies to our cornerstone and product and service taxonomies, WAND’s taxonomies are well-structured, deep, precise, and best in class.  

In addition to licensing its taxonomies for integration into third party applications, WAND leverages its taxonomies internally to build, precision online horizontal and vertical business directory applications. Powered by WAND directory applications have been matching buyers and seller on the internet since 1996. WAND serves customers on five continents. Source: Wand Press Release

BIIA Newsletter October – 2007 Issue