WAND, Inc., the world’s leading provider of taxonomies in the information management industry, today announced the launch of its WAND WithinTM Taxonomy partnership initiative with an impressive roster of nine top search and information management vendors who each will be offering the WAND Taxonomies to customers as a part of its respective technology solution.

WAND Within founding partners include BA Insight, Cloud2, Concept Searching, DataFacet, Forest Rim Technologies, Pingar, PoolParty, Smartlogic and TEMIS.  WAND has worked with each partner to ensure that the WAND Taxonomies integrate with and add significant value to each respective solution.  Each WAND Within Partner will be making WAND Taxonomies available for purchase in conjunction with its technology in order to bring a more complete solution to the market.

The WAND Within program further strengthens and affirms WAND’s position in the market as the premier provider of taxonomy for information management.  WAND Within partners have a significant competitive advantage because the WAND Within name communicates to customers that the chosen technology solution is enhanced with proven, market-tested taxonomies built by the taxonomy experts at WAND.  Taxonomy is a critical ingredient of an information management solution, and each WAND Within partner can now bring this ingredient to the table as a part of its solution.

WAND is also announcing the launch of a WAND Within website at www.wandwithin.com where customers can get more information about each partner solution, how the solutions benefit from WAND Taxonomy, and data sheets for each of the WAND Within taxonomies.

WAND Taxonomies have been carefully created for both industry verticals and business topic including oil and gas, mining, higher education, real estate, building and construction management, local government, financial services, banking, insurance, sales and marketing, human resources, project management, records retention, legal, IT, local government, skills, sentiment, medical conditions, chemicals, automotive parts, scientific and technical equipment, medical equipment and supplies, apparel, tools and hardware, office supplies, consumer electronics, sporting goods, and products and services .  WAND’s breadth of taxonomy topics helps WAND Within partners serve customers in nearly any business or industry, and WAND regularly releases new taxonomies to address additional topics.

Source: Wandinc.com