WAND has developed a taxonomy exclusively for non-profit organizations.   The WAND Non-Profit Taxonomy was created for any non-profit organization so they may better organize and find their content and documents.

Non-Profit TaxonomyThe top level terms include Board of Directors, Budgeting and Financial Management, Bylaws and Policies, Compliance, Donations, Fundraising, Grants, Members, Programs, Public Relations, and Volunteers.  The taxonomy covers all of the major concepts, policies, processes and documents that a not-for-profit organization would encounter.

There are 565 categories in the WAND Non-Profit Taxonomy and 258 synonyms.  

The WAND Non-Profit Taxonomy provides a foundation set of terminology so a non-profit organization can immediately begin tagging their documents with relevant metadata.   The taxonomy can be customized to meet the needs of the Wand Non-profit Taxonomy 2organization with terminology specific to their programs.

The WAND Non-Profit Taxonomy can be imported into SharePoint 2010, SharePoint 2013, WAND DataFacet, and any content management systems that support taxonomy.

Source: Wand Inc.