It’s now easy to customize the WAND Local Search Taxonomy and tune your search result.

Online yellow pages and local search sites have relied on the WAND Local Search Taxonomy for years to help resolve user queries and return relevant business results.  Now, WAND is providing our customers unprecedented control over the WAND Local Search Taxonomy and the results that their local search or online yellow pages sites return. With WAND’s My Taxonomy Tools, customers can log-in to the web-based interface and begin to customize elements of taxonomy including:

  • Creating custom keyword overrides to point specific keywords, which may be important to a specific advertiser, to any heading they choose.  B) Adjust the emphasis of the categories that a keyword brings back. Boost the relevance of some categories while decreasing the relevance of others to tune your search results.  C) Automatically create keyword variations to capture all the possible ways a query may be presented.
  • This is an easy way to leverage the tremendous value of the WAND Local Search Taxonomy and our ongoing updates while still retaining the flexibility to customize and tune your own results.
    Contact WAND today at or (303) 623-1200 x267 for a demo of My Taxonomy Tools

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BIIA Newsletter May II – 2010 Issue