Many companies have upgraded to SharePoint 2010 and are interested in leveraging the managed metadata capabilities to tag documents and improve the search experience of their end users. However, since SharePoint 2010 does not come with taxonomy or term sets in the term store, users are left wondering where to start.

WAND’s is proud to have made our General Business Taxonomy available as a free download for users of SharePoint 2010. This taxonomy is a starter set of terminology for IT, Legal, HR, Accounting and Finance, and Sales and Marketing. Since being made available in March, more than 2,500 companies from around the world have downloaded this taxonomy.

The General Business Taxonomy, with nearly 500 terms, is an easy way for companies to begin to experiment with the managed metadata services and term store in SharePoint 2010. For many companies, the General Business  Taxonomy is a terrific starting point for beginning to create their own term sets.

Microsoft announced the release of this free download on their ECM team blog. Read about it here.
The General Business Taxonomy can be downloaded here