New SAS® Industry Taxonomy Rules starter kit tap WAND’s taxonomy expertise

Denver, CO, USA — WAND, Inc. announced that it will provide its industry leading taxonomy library of over 500 subject domains to SAS to enhance the SAS Industry Taxonomy Rules starter kits. The starter kits are add-ons to SAS® Enterprise Content Categorization that substantially decrease the time to get results from automatic classification. Using the deep WAND Taxonomy data sets, SAS adds an initial rule set, so this plug-and-play capability replaces the need to spend time creating initial categorization rules and speeds the productivity benefits of text analytics.

WAND has been building its taxonomies for nearly two decades and the WAND Taxonomy Library is quickly becoming a go-to resource for organizations hoping to better organize enterprise information and unstructured content.

 “Too often, decision makers give up when they can’t find the information they need,” said Fiona McNeill, Global Text Analytics Product Marketing Manager. “SAS helps organizations take the next step, and improve information organization, access and findability with automated content categorization. SAS Industry Taxonomy Rules starter kits include WAND taxonomies, which will cover every industry, helping organizations streamline categorization initiatives so they can make better, faster business decisions and reach new markets.”

To read the full story click on the link:  SAS Press Release May 18 2011-05-19 0747

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