2009 has marked a dramatic increase of interest in taxonomies for classification, enterprise search, consumer sites, and more. This year, WAND has been busy at work developing brand new subject domains like Yellow Pages Headings, Banking, Finance, and Accounting, General Business Functions, Records Retention, and Insurance. WAND is not just products and services anymore.  Wand also realized that there is a lot of great information and data hidden in our 33 product and service vertical segments that we haven’t effectively displayed as available. So, it completely redesigned its product and service packages to break these 33 vertical segments into many smaller, but more targeted segments that customers can choose from. The existing 33 product and service taxonomy packages are just one way of aggregating dozens of smaller packages that include both B2C and B2B topics. 

These changes will make it dramatically easier for customers to get just the taxonomies they need and to mix and match to create a larger custom package. This means more flexibility and more relevant packages.  For those of you who think of WAND as providers of just a few B2B product and service taxonomies, please take another look. Our library of taxonomies is larger and more responsive to customers than ever before.  And in multiple languages.    Source:  info@wandinc.com  

BIIA Newsletter May 2009 Issue