The WAND product and service taxonomy has long been the gold standard in depth and breadth of coverage for products and services. With over 42,000 categories, each with rich attribute level template data, the taxonomy has incredibly deep coverage. However, one item that has been missing in the past is brands. WAND has been working hard to add over 24,000 brands and sub-brands associated to more than 2,500 product and service categories. This list is growing on a daily basis. This is a unique data asset that takes thousands of brands and ties them to actual product categories.

The WAND Brands taxonomy can be used by an online Yellow Pages or local search site to better recognize user brand queries and return relevant results. A business data company could use it to show all related or near-by companies to a given brand. Or, it could be used by a text analytics or BI platform to identify brand mentions in social media.   The WAND brands taxonomy can be licensed independently or as an add-on to the WAND Product and Service Taxonomy.  

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BIIA Newsletter October II – 2010 Issue