Wand logo-41Learn how our clients are using the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal to accelerate taxonomy projects

Numerous companies around the world are now using the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal to speed up creation of taxonomies for their organization and to spread the word internally about how taxonomies can benefit the business. We wanted to share some tips from these customers about how to take advantage of the Portal and the WAND Taxonomies and to get deliverable results in 2-3 weeks.

  1. Identify a functional area where there is interest and willingness to deploy taxonomy. Human resources is often a great place to start because HR is a high visibility functional area that affects all employees.2. Once you have identified the department, find 2-3 members of that department who can help customize the taxonomy. These people should have a good handle on the types of information people usually are trying to find in their department and how they might think to look for that information.3. Download the relevant foundation taxonomy from the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal and share it with your subject matter experts so they can customize it for their department. This will involve removing terms that aren’t necessary for your company and adding some new terms that may be specific to your organization. Customizing one of the WAND taxonomies for a department should take just 6-8 hours.4. Import the customized taxonomy to your application and begin tagging or classifying content. This department will be your internal POC to show the rest of the organization the benefit of a taxonomy project in making information easier to find. Try to get somebody from within the department to brag about the outcome and bring attention to the project.5. Move on to the next department that wants to make its information easier to find and repeat the process.

If you have questions or want to learn more about what taxonomies are in the WAND Taxonomy Library Portal, contact Mark Leheer at: mleher@wandinc.com

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